Dan Backhausen, 47 years, founder and headcoach:

Photo: @jespergrundahl

Photo: @jespergrundahl

I have been riding a bike since, or perhaps in fact almost before I could walk, but after years as a youth rider, I became preoccupied with my education and work and family life and was long gone from the sport.

The last 10 years I have resumed my cycling, and rediscovered my passion. I find that this kind of exercise ensures both an active and healthy lifestyle, and gives everybody doing it the chance to experience some incredible sights and nature's beauty from the saddle.

 After a few years as an elite racer I became increasingly interested in the mechanics and physiology behind cycling. I started my perennial online tutorial in TrainingPeaks Academy. Seeking answers to why I was performing very well one day and not at all another day.

With the same firm's pioneering and class-leading analysis program WKO4 came an understanding of "reading and interpreting data" from the increasing number of sources (heart rate, cadence, watts, speed, etc.) many cyclists produces every time they swing a leg over over the toptube.

My training as a DCU coach with the Danish Cycling Union has given me an updated and deeper knowledge of the physiological aspects of cycling and training. Recently I attended the TPU at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, getting even smarter at utilising the coaching powers within the TrainingPeaks community. I also met one of my idols, Joe Friel, who encouraged me to put my knowledge into practice while still taking into account each rider's specific needs.