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Output targeting your input.


Output Cycling is a small coaching company focused on aiding and helping cyclists of all levels and categories train to get the maximum output for their input.

Our services can be utilised by the ambitious newbie as well as to the already experienced competition racer. All training plans from Output is characterized by being individually tailored to suit the athlete - that's you, by the way!

The details of our subscription plans can be found under 'products'. We can also do FTP- and SUB-maximal testing with Lactate measurements if you are not afraid of losing some blood.  All athletes/customers will regardless of level of subscription be followed by a personal trainer.

Feel free to send an email/sms or call us or to inquire more on how Output Cycling can create the 'just-right' kind of training for you and make you achieve your goals...

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”
― Albert Einstein